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I just thought I'd share some of my new VC icons with you:

The art is courtesy of Danny and Danny (one stop shopping for all of your VC art needs :)


The rest are here at my journal. Enjoy, credit, and don't hotlink!
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Title: Lestat and Louis
Artist: EveningRainfall
Rating: G
Characters: Lestat and Louis

Notes: Hi! I'm new. I thought I'd post something in the hope of wonderful critique. Criticism is much appreciated. Lestat turned out far better than Louis. Oh, and if you like it (or hate it and feel like offering improvement on other works) my deviant art account lives here. Was that too much shameless self promotion? Oh, and I'd be happy to critique anyone else's work if they want.

Lestat and LouisCollapse )
Eternal Sunshine/Joel/Clem/kiss


Title : none
Artist : me
Rating : G
Characters : Armand
WIP? : Yes or No : No
Notes : While I was working on it, I still hadnt decided who I wanted it to be. Finally I realized that the face was too young(or right) for any of the characters except Armand.
I didn't give him curly hair, I'm not really sure why.

Armand...Collapse )
Eternal Sunshine/Joel/Clem/kiss


Title : Sad Louis
Artist : me
Rating : G
Characters : Louis
WIP? : Yes or No : Yes
Notes : Just something I doodled in Art class last year. I used some pencil and colored pencil. Real real simple. Didnt scan very well either.

( Sad Louis... )

Not the kind of work I really so anymore. I'm hoping to post more later.
Eternal Sunshine/Joel/Clem/kiss


Welcome to Vampire Chronicles Art dedicated to the beautiful and cryptic works of Anne Rice. This is a place for all of her devoted fans to post their artwork/fanart based on her Vampire Chronicles series.

I must ask that you all include some information when posting, such as this:
Title : optional, actually
Artist : your username or actual name is fine
Rating : (G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17, etc.)
Characters : the characters involved

All art in a LJ-CUT please!

The rating is really the most important part, just so that no one is offended by anything they see.
Please don't put down anyone else's work. If you don't like, don't say anything unless the artist asks for feedback.

Please contact the maintainer with any questions: faytrial