Stephie (faytrial) wrote in vc_art,


Title : none
Artist : me
Rating : G
Characters : Armand
WIP? : Yes or No : No
Notes : While I was working on it, I still hadnt decided who I wanted it to be. Finally I realized that the face was too young(or right) for any of the characters except Armand.
I didn't give him curly hair, I'm not really sure why.

He moved into the glow of the candles on the side altar. His clothes were black velvet, once beautiful, and now eaten away by time, and crusted with dirt. But his face was shining white, and perfect, the countenance of a god it seemed, a Cupid out of Caravaggio, seductive yet ethereal, with auburn hair and dark brown eyes..
- p. 176, The Vampire Lestat

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