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Les Vampires // Les Vampires OOC

Phaedra Romani, a 300 year old vampire hunting in New York City, has a vivid and disturbing dream one day when she lays down to rest.

She’s walking through a cemetery in this dream, holding hands with a dark haired vampire with bright green eyes—a vampire she knows is Louis from the famous Vampire Chronicles. They walk through the graveyard together, and as they move through it, the dead rise from their graves, grabbing and clawing at the pair. Some of these dead are vampires, vampires that were killed by Akasha or went into the fire. Some of the dead are the risen victims of the vampires, angry about how their lives were taken. A fence surrounding the cemetery has an inscription on it, which Phaedra reads. It works like a spell, causing the zombie-like creatures to disappear.

When she wakes up that night, Phaedra knows something is very wrong. But Phaedra doesn’t know Louis, aside from what is said of him in the Chronicles, and has never met him. The dream bothers her. It won’t leave her alone.

Phaedra goes to New Orleans to seek Louis out and tell him about what happens every day when she sleeps. There, she also meets Lestat (among others), and the vampires discover that those they thought were dead—others of their kind, killed or dead of their own will—are alive again. And Mekare, who now holds all the power of their species, is nowhere to be found.

Mekare, the new mother of all vampiric kin, is pulled to New Orleans as Phaedra was--but with a completely different purpose. She is in the belief that Amel, the spirit that lives inside vampires and creates their bloodlust, has somehow escaped into the world and gone to New Orleans. She seeks the wayward spirit so that she may destroy him, and therefore destroy all of them; correcting a mistake that she believes should have been corrected millenia ago.

But it is not Amel that has pulled the gypsy vampire Phaedra, the Queen, and the others to Lestat's city. It's someone much more powerful than any of them could ever imagine. It's a demon looking to satisfy his taste for mayhem and settle old scores from the past--a past that Phaedra herself knows all too well. He is the one raising the long-dead vampires, and is intent on raising the first Queen herself: Akasha.

There is turmoil in New Orleans. The body count is going up, and the vampires are no longer the only immortal killers. Some vampires begin to band together, wanting to stand against the demon and the destruction he wishes to cause; others turn away from the savior's path, and then there are those that remain neutral.

It becomes not just a matter of alliances, but more of a desperate struggle to set things right again--before the demon has a chance to make them worse.

Characters in Play

Lestat de Lioncourt; brat__prince (moderator)
David Talbot; scholardavid
Nicolas de Lenfent; nacht_musik (moderator)
Azim; arcane_diety
Magnus; blood_alchemist
Mekare; rampant_power
Akasha; crownless_queen
Rowan; doctormayfair
Merrick; merrique_mayfair
Marius; decrepit_soul
Pandora; lydia_pandora


Louis de Pointe Du Lac
Mona Mayfair
Emily de Aubigne; boisterous_e*

Any other Vampire Chronicles/Mayfair Witches character.

Original Characters

Lusa Van Bern; lusa_van_bern
Antoinette Leaf; fire_sister
Tristan; quiet_tristan (moderator)
Saerian; saerian
Phaedra Romani; _phaedra_ (moderator)

*Original character; please contact Kristine for permission to play

General Rules
Rules that apply to everyone...

  1. Players must be older than 16. Why? This RPG WILL contain slash. That is why. Exceptions will be made if found by the moderators that the person is mature enough.

  2. Stay in character. If you play, for example, Lestat De Lioncourt, stay true to Lestat's behaviour in the books. This is NOT a parody game! No need to make Louis, for example, whinier than he normally is.

  3. Correct spelling, please! Nothing is more annoying than reading posts of people who cannot spell. A spellchecker is included in this journal. Use it.

  4. No drama! If you don't like something about the game, it shall suffice to say it politely, and NOT to blow everything up until the maximum. Drama is a big no-no. This is a GAME. Got a problem? Talk to the mods. Get it? Got it? Good.

  5. Original characters are accepted. For more guidelines, see the 'original character guidelines,' listed below.

  6. You can play up to two characters. Not three, not four, TWO. Why? We'd like a varied group of people RPG'ing, that is why.

  7. When in doubt, refer to rule #4.

  8. Have fun!

[ Please email the moderator(s) with questions, or if you would like to join: drop a line to Lauren or Kristine. You can also instant message the mods at the following aim names: Phaedra1700, and I Lioncourt I, respectively. ]

Original Character Guidelines
What do we want of original characters?

  1. Detailed background. Something like : 'She was made in an alley' will not suffice. When I say detailed: I say dates, overdetailed background, behaviour of your characters, and etc. Please go and see the journal of _phaedra_, an original character in this game. If you can deliver us something like this, you're accepted.

  2. Original characters must first post in the OOC community with either a link to their background or information behind a cut tag. The moderators and community members will read this and decide on the character.

  3. Original characters will be admitted at the rate of one per month. Why? Well, because otherwise it tends to get too bloody confusing for everyone else in the game. If someone else has been accepted already, you are more than welcome to join the OOC community and wait for the next available time to join. Do not ask us to admit you if someone has already created an original character that month, la la la, we can't hear you.

  4. Any of the general rules will also be applied to the original characters.

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